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Rotating ThreadmillProducts

Infoteknix CNC program manager. Designed for users of CNC machine tools. Provides facilities to upload/download CNC programs to and from machine tool controls, maintain tooling lists and tool assemblies, calculate speeds and feeds, CAD drawing viewer. Produces comprehensive shop setup sheets including CAD and raster graphics.
A software package for manufacturers of timber windows and doors. Uses design rules to construct most types of windows (sliding sash and casement) and doors. User definable options for all products (furniture, break joints, extension cills etc). On screen graphical display of window and parts lists. Full cost calculations for material (timber, hardware, glass and finishes) and labour (machining, assembly and finishing). Comprehensive printed output (sales quotations, bulk material lists, Job sheets, tennoning lists, parts lists etc) and user defined reporting.
Product Information Systems (Electronic Catalogues)
Systems designed to assist the promotion and support of technical products. We were the authors of the first full featured electronic catalogue on general release in the U.K.
If you just want a "picture book on CD" then we are probably not for you. If, however, you want a system that enables users to specify the right product for the job, see it, zoom it, print it and apply it in the most effective way, you should be talking to us.


Bespoke Software Development
We can provide solutions for the strangest of requirements, from Pet Shops to Machine Shops.
Recent projects include:
: Embedded systems development, including design and manufacture of electronic sub systems. 
: Intranet (.net) application for contact management in large utilities.
: Intranet (.net) application for insurance claims management.
Consultancy & Support
Just bought a CNC machine?
Want to computerise your accounts?
Can a computer really help to run a small business (engineering, retail or whatever)?
How do I setup a network?
These are the sort of questions our clients come to us with - we will try and help in a jargon free and practical way.
We can specify and if required, supply, hardware, servers, operating systems etc...
Web Sites
Want a web site designing? There are a lot of companies that can produce whiz-bang HTML and Java stuff. If you are looking for a simple and cost effective web site, have a look at this one CPENG - if you like what you see get in touch.
Sundry Services
In our spare time we have been known to provide CAD drawings, CNC programs, Digital Photography, PowerPoint presentations and Computer Animations - if it can be done on a PC, we can probably help.
Get in touch
Please use the feedback form with your requirements and we'll get in touch.
Send mail to webmaster@infoteknix.co.uk with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: May 01, 2007