CNC Program Manager

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Comprehensive Job and Component Details

ITXCNC maintains component details by Job and Operation.
References to drawings and release levels, component material, machine tool and CNC programs are held for each stage of manufacture. CAD drawings and digital photographs of components can be viewed and multiple pages of instructions included.


Tooling Lists & Cutting Calculations

Each job has a tooling list. For each tool the station and offsets are recorded. Specific instructions, checks and cautions can be included.
The system uses tool supplier’s grades to calculate cutting data - you decide on the supplier and the system will inform you of which grades are suitable for the component material. Choose the grade, and the system calculates cutting speed, RPM and feed-rate for the selected tool.

Tool Library

CNC Program Manager maintains a library of regularly used tool assemblies that can be easily located and incorporated into a job’s tool list.

Where-Used reports can be produced to assist in tool inventory rationalization exercises.


Tool Assemblies

The tool library provides a simple but effective method to create tool assemblies. The user brings together individual tooling components from the system’s Tool Stores and indicates how each part effects the application of the tool assembly. For example: When adding an insert to an assembly you would indicate that it is the primary insert and that it provides the Grade and Feed per Tooth (Feed per Rev) to be used for calculation of the cutting data.

Program Editor

The editor can handle large CNC program files - up to 16Mb in size. Search, replace, cut, paste and printing facilities are provided.





CNC Communications

CNC programs can be transferred between machine tool control and PC. Communications parameters are automatically configured to suit the machine for the selected job.
For large programs or machines with limited program memory, the system can be used to ‘drip feed’ data to the CNC control system.

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