CNC Program Manager

Machine downtime reduces profits.

Each time you reset your machines for a new component or operation you lose production.

Locating an up-to-date tape in a space consuming storage cabinet, hunting for a tape punch or communicator to save program changes and ensuring that the right tool is in the right station with the right offset all take time. This downtime prevents machines performing their primary function - producing components.

CNC Program Manager from Infoteknix Systems is a software package that keeps all the ‘bits’ of information associated with your manufacturing jobs together. Using the system you can quickly and easily:

 Locate the job
View or print tooling and set-up sheets, including tool and component drawings.
Upload or download the CNC program directly to the machine tool control system.

This results in:

Quicker program changeover
Fewer errors
Reduced machine downtime
Improved productivity

Scaleable Benefits

CNC Program Manager is in use by companies who have just invested in their first CNC machine as well as those with several machines in multiple sites. The software is ready for use on networks enabling data to be shared by all departments. If you use a CAD system, CNC Program Manager can utilize the drawings to enhance the display and printing of Job Sheets. Programs generated by CAM systems can be viewed, edited and transferred to the CNC control - from anywhere on a network.

Expands a machine’s memory

The software can be used to ‘drip feed’ data when complex programs exceed the memory capacity of a control system - a frequent occurrence in 3D machining. The program editor can handle files up to 16Mb in size.


CNC Program Manager costs less than many control system manufacturers charge for their smallest memory upgrade.

Main Features

 Job library.
Tool assembly management.
Tooling lists.
Cutting calculations.
CNC program transfer.
Program editor.
Material library and cross-references.
Plant register.
Supplier information and Carbide Grade support.
DXF, HPGL, EXF, WMF & BMP drawing file viewer.

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